starWilco Wrescuers

Too young to volunteer? That doesn't mean you can't help the animals! 

Take a look at these projects!

Join the Rescue Readers!

The Rescue Readers meet every Sunday from 1:00pm - 2:30pm at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

The goal is to read to the dogs and cats of the shelter to help them feel less stressed in their kennels.

Bring a book (or borrow one of ours), a small stool to sit on (or borrow one of ours), and a parent.

To learn more about the Rescue Readers, please email

Be a friend to our furry felines by making one of these fun cat projects! 

Choose from a list of fun things on this website here

Or help them hang out with a kitty hammock! See steps at

Build a cat tree for the shelter cats. Learn more here!

Help them cuddle up with a no-sew cat bed. Watch the video here.

Cats love to hide - build them a tent out of a T-shirt! Learn more here.

Make the easiest toys ever! Learn more here.

Kittens love heated rice socks to stay cozy! Learn more here.

Help our Homeless Hound Dogs with these fun projects!

Get our dogs adopted by sewing "Adopt Me" vests. You can find the sewing instructions here.

Dogs need to play. Make them some toys! Instructions and videos here.

Organize a donation drive! You can collect all the things the animals need while they are in the shelter. You can get your school or favorite organization to help as well! Download our donation list here:

Donation List.pdf

You can raise money for the animals of the shelter!

Hold a bake sale.

Take a class/neighborhood/organizational collection. 

Or, how about a car/dog wash? 

Watch how one person made a difference for the animals of Austin. You could do this too!

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